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Welcome to Point Arena Tileworks

At this point, my intent for this website is to have you, the viewer, come visit my shop located on HWY 1 in Point Arena CA. South side of town, West side of HWY 1.

You can't miss me. My operation is located forty feet from the highway with plenty of free parking. All my tiles are made and fired on site. The showroom is open to the public and visitors are always welcome. My hours are flexible.

You will not find tiles such as these anywhere else. Also, as you shop around, you will find that my prices are far lower than the other "hand made" tilemakers. This is amazing as I fire to "cone II" (most tilemakers do not fire this hot). This makes my tiles very hard and durable, and costs more to make. For most, this would be a reason to raise prices. I keep my prices as low as possible, even after natural disasters which have caused fuel and shipping costs to skyrocket.

Another thing you will not find nearly anywhere else are fused glass tiles. These tiles are the ones with a sparkling crackle glaze. These are created by applying broken glass to the tiles prior to loading them in the glaze load. The glass melts and fuses to the tiles. A dazzling effect that creates a deep watery look; some describe them as "geode-like". The glass never comes out the same way twice--it melts, runs, at flows at will--always unique and one of a kind. All glass used is recycled.

All my tiles are unique. No two come out the same. They are hand cut, decorated, and glazed. I make all my own molds, some from drawings, some from photos, some from things I find. I tried to provide multiple examples of each tile so you can see for yourself how much they vary.

If you can not come to the Mendocino coast, I do ship. The tiles that you receive will not be exactly like the ones shown here. They will be made from the same molds and have similar colors but they will be different, and that is why it is best to come see and choose for yourself.


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